Infinite Level Up In Murim

Infinite Level Up in Murim Manga also called Infinite Leveling: Murim and Muhan Rebereob in Murim ( 무한 레벨업 in 무림) is a Korean manhwa that was first published on April 14, 2020. Infinite Level Up in Murim was written by Gonbung and illustrated by Poku. The story of the manhwa attracted many manga lovers and grasped a lot of fans in the few past months. From May 19th, 2021, the English translation of Infinite Level Up in Murim is available and a new chapter will be released Every Thursday on Website.

The Story

It is the story of a protagonist (Tang Yoo Sung) who was born with a lowly body that would end up being uninhabited at the peak if he lived for 300 years and worked like crazy for the rest of his life. The main character (Tang Yoo Sung) worked hard for 10 years, gained ten years of endurance, and died while living his life as a third-rate unmanned man at the forefront of the Murim League. When he woke up after death, he found that he had returned to 30 years ago. As he learns what the game system is like step by step, the protagonist rejoices at the fact that hard work can be rewarded. It’s a blunt talent in the world, but the power of the system can make such a blunt person grow! The main character’s ultimate goal to achieve was to kill the angels.

The Main Characters

Janggifu Became a registered disciple of the Moorim Maengism. Likes to sleep (while sleeping, he grows up by fighting countless battles in the imaginary world) He has a genius talent. He likes to fight (I always want to fight with the main character)

Cheon So-so- Cheonbong’s daughter She is the most beautiful woman in the world. Her martial arts skills are also excellent. Cheonbongmugwanju uses Cheon Soso’s beauty to marry him to the Sacheondang family through an arranged marriage, but the Sacheondang family is destroyed by Sado Jeilryun. Cheon So-so becomes the love concubine of Sado-first-ryeon-ju and becomes a person similar to the evil woman.

Gongjindo Even if he is not a genius like Janggifu, he has a talent that will keep up with him if he put in some effort. He has a dog-like personality, but after the main character returns… he gets hit by the main character and becomes a lot nicer than before the return.